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But, after all, the drug or the physical exercise is not the cause of the spiritual experience; it is only its occasion.


Interviewer: One of the things I love about Radiohead is that you make beautiful, adventurous, mind-expanding music, without, as far as I know, taking mind expanding substances. Which proves you don’t need crutches of that kind to be truly creative.

Thom: Well, I’ve never taken acid, for instance. Chiefly because I was told that if I did, I’d never come back. I have often wondered what it would be like to really get out there. But I … I don’t trust I’d ever come back. That’s been my thing, really. I have enough troubles with my dreams, so it would probably not be a good idea. Also I think anyone who, like me, is prone to depressions, should not go near drugs. Because drugs perpetuate whatever’s going on in your head, and I suffer from depression and that’s actually a pretty strong drug in itself.

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“[D] rug use among artists is the catastrophic and incredibly obvious mistake of looking for the right thing, illumination, in the wrong place—as if the chemical contained what was necessary, when all along it is within us, obviously. The problem is it takes a lifetime of discipline to access that state of illumination—it must be sought, found, then constantly maintained—and with drugs at first you get the impression that it’s something you can turn on and off with a switch. But it is understandable—the world is so awful, and artistic aspirations go so against the grain of things as they are, it is natural to despair, in the midst of so much ugliness and chaos, of finding any other way to enter that other state, that other place of illumination. And the other horrible problem is that it sometimes really works, initially—if it didn’t work, to some degree, it wouldn’t be such a problem. ” — Franz Wright